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Is your dog showing signs of poor health?

Has your dog suffered a slight injury you need help with now?

Is your dog exhibiting behavior that’s uncharacteristic?

Or is your dog okay but you just have a burning question that needs answering?

In severe cases an emergency visit to the vet is required, but there are many instances when the help you need does not require an expensive and inconvenient trip to see your vet.

So what’s the next best solution?

Chat with a Veterinarian Online Today

Connect with a Vet when you need them the most and address your dog’s symptoms live, get your most pressing questions answered and confirm whether a trip to the Vet is really necessary.

In cases that aren’t an emergency, an online Vet can help you take the at-home steps you need right now, offer tailored advice specific to your dog’s needs and provide you with peace of mind.

If you’ve already been to see a Vet in person, the online Vet can also help you monitor your dog’s condition and provide a valuable second opinion to help you make more comfortable decisions.

All in all, having a Vet at your fingertips whenever you need them is an invaluable resource that’s worth taking advantage of to keep your dog safe and sound.

That’s why we’ve partnered up with JustAnswer Veterinary – giving you an inexpensive option to get access to highly rated, verified dog Veterinarians immediately.

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